5 Ways How A Hair Serum Can Help Dry Hair

Hair serums have recently gained popularity in protecting your hair for damage, but does it help dry hair too? The answer is “yes”. Hair serums can actually reduce and prevent hair dryness. Dry hair is common among a large number of individuals. The causes are extreme weather conditions, dry air, and pollution. Such conditions make your hair dry and brittle. Unhealthy lifestyle and inadequate nutrients in the food may also make your hair excessively dry.

Since dry hair is prone to breakage, it is impossible to maintain a long and healthy hair without using a hair care products. Hair serums can help you get rid of hair dryness in a simple and easy way. Let’s read how hair serum can help dry hair, but before that let’s understand what is a hair serum and how it works? Learn more at https://www.threesquaressoil.com/hair-serum-dry-hair/.

What is a hair serum?

A hair serum is a product having a thick consistency, specially formulated to boost your hair health. It contains silicone which coats the hair from outside and protects it from dryness and damage. Unlike hair oils, that penetrate the hair shaft to hydrate it, hair serums simply coat your hair to make it soft and shiny. Hair oil tends to weigh down your hair while the serum does not make your hair sticky. This makes it best suitable for people who do not like to stay at home due to oil application.

Importance of hair serum for dry hair

1. Prevents breakage

A good quality hair serum may help in preventing hair breakage that result from excessive dryness. Dryness can give rise to split ends that make your hair prone to breakage. If you have chemically treated hair, adequate care must be taken to maintain the moisture of the hair shaft. A hair serum will protect your hair from dryness, thereby reducing breakage.

2. Sun protection

Sun exposure causes hair to become excessively dry. A good quality hair serum will protect your hair from the sun damage as it coats your hair and reduces the effect of harsh sun ray that causes damage to the hair shaft.

3. Detangles

Hair serums are usually applied to wet hair after shampooing. This helps in removing the tangles easily which prevents breakage while combing. It also keeps the hair from tangling with each other throughout the day providing you a silky and neat look.

4. Adds sheen

A hair serum makes the hair shaft smooth due to the presence of silicone. This aids in reflecting more light. Therefore, your hair is visibly healthier and shiner from its first use. So, if you have dry hair, you can easily manage it using a serum specially formulated for your hair type.

5. Protects the hair from heat

Usually, dry hair is a result of excessive use of blow dryers and heating tools. Heat tends to strip off the natural oils of the hair making them dry and damaged. Applying a serum may aid in locking the moisture in the hair shaft and make them less dry. It will also protect your hair from heat

Choosing a hair serum for dry hair

Before you start applying a hair serum to reduce the dryness, it is important to choose the right product. With so many varieties and brands available in the market, it can be difficult for anyone to choose the right one. Choose the one that is specially formulated for dry hair. It will not only protect your hair from dryness but will also help in keeping it hydrated throughout the day.