How long does it take to replace your social security card?


In USA, permanent residents and temporary foreign working residents are given a nine digit unique code in a small piece of paper that is to be used for social security administration called the social security card. This card was first established in 1936 mid-November and still is in the USA Constitution. The the purpose of having this number was to enable the government to keep track of each and every residents earnings and the number of years that each has worked.

The main aim of doing this is that when it comes to the time for a residents time to retire or when one requires to receive social security for disability income, the government used this number or card to determine your contributions and know whether you are eligible for social security. It was then after this that they would calculate your benefit payments. It has since then moved from doing only that task alone to many more that will be discussed later on. It is a requirement by the law of the united states of America to have this card as you cannot get employment without it. This being one of the other many uses it was established for. Explore more at

Since its establishment, this card has moved from just the basic task of offering social security to many more other uses someone which are listed below.

For instance It is used when one is applying for a federal student loan, the government retrieves information from this card to determine whether you are eligible or not.

It also used in another instance where one wants to receive or apply certain types of public assistance. It is also used when one is applying for a USA passport.

People who don’t have this card usually get delays when processing for a passport.

It used when one wants to acquire a driving license. It is also used when one wants to return taxes.

And finally it is used in medicare.

Therefore, for one to able to enjoy all this services one is required to posses this card. It started with and for only small operations but its purposes has since then grown from just that to all this latest purposes.

Most people use the same security card for their entire lives but there are instances when one may require to change his number. The social security administration allows persons to change their social security card where instances such as identity theft occurs, one feels that they are being harassed and bullied, or when the user feels like he or she is in great danger. In such situations one can change their social security card number. Now the big question that remains is how long does it take to replace a social security card?

Well this depends on which state you are in and where the social security offices you are going to are located but in most situations the replacement takes around two weeks to have it fully processed you maybe asked to present your card number or any other identification number if you have forgotten your cards number this could be an ID or even a driving license. However this can only be done for only a maximum of ten Times in a persons lifetime and a maximum of three times in a year. Therefore one needs to be careful on how they handle their card and who they allow to know their card number, this will help to ensure that they don’t have to keep replacing it all the time.