How to fix dry hair with hair serum


Dry hair is one of the most common issues of women in every part of the world, even men who like to style their hair in a particular fashion, face the same issue. This issue can be seen on

This issue of Dry hair can be easily fixed with Hair Serum. Thanks to advertisement industry that now most of us do know about Hair Serum. So, we do know what Hair serum does, but what some of us don’t know is the fact that how does hair serum fixes dry hair issue.

Here is the mechanism of Hair serum explained in simple words. When you apply hair serum to your hairs, it makes a thin layer of silicone over your hairs which protects your hairs from sunlight damage, pollution damage and other hair damages due to environmental or accidental conditions. One more additional big plus point is that hair serum makes your hair look shiny.

So, if you have frizzy or oily hairs, hair serum is a solution for that too. Many of us are already using Hair serum before hair styling. You can even use it to protect your hairs from heat of straightener. It defiantly helps in keeping your hairs healthier, silky, smother and shiny.

Hair Serum is silicon-based liquid that you can apply to your hairs to solve your issues of dry hair, fizzy or oily hairs and don’t forget about that additional shine that it gives.

So now we hope you know about how hair serum is going to fix your dry hair and give additional shiny look to your hairs. As a quick learning guide let us guide you on How to fix dry hair with hair serum? Basically, we are going to explain you how you should apply hair serum on your hairs.

1. Wash your hairs (Shampoo them if needed)

2. Dry your hairs a little if they are too wet.

3. Take few drops of Hair serum on your hands, rub them together and then softly apply to your hairs.

4. Do not use Hair serum on roots, just put it gently over your hairs remember you are making a protective layer over your hairs so apply it in that way.

5. Never use a lot of Hair Serum, few drops are enough

6. This will keep your hairs safe from sun, dust, pollution and keep them shiny

Don’t be in a haze while you apply serum, it has to be done gently. Remember you are gone a get some smother silky hairs. There are different kinds of Hair serum available in the market, better first know your hair type and then go for a Hair Serum available accordingly.

Don’t do something wrong and don’t be afraid, just follow the instructions given here and you will be successful in fixing your dry hair issue with Hair serum.

For the first timers it is highly recommended to go carefully with the instructions, follow them all, get a best Hair Serum available as per your hair type and if possible do get some help from some experienced friend.