Ways To Pick the Perfect Diamond

As you begin to do your research into this world of diamonds, rings, gold, and silver you will begin to feel overwhelmed, frustrated and probably scared. It is very realistic to get Sticker Shock because the diamond your girlfriend wants is way over budget. Then you realize there are thousands of different grading combinations for diamonds all with different price ranges, different sparkle and different availability.

You may see a grade such as 1.01 carat round diamond, F colour, VS1 clarity, Excellent Ideal Cut with Hearts and Arrows, Very Good Polish, Very Good Symmetry, Slight Fluorescence, etc….. (Many other grades correspond with each diamond), explore the different grades at http://www.shopedc.com.

It breaks down to an engineers dream. There are hundreds of calculations, and possibilities of the way the light hits the diamond and reflects through it to cause it to dance and sparkle. Guess What? You don’t need to be an engineer to pick a diamond. There is no perfect diamond, and you don’t need to look at thousands to find the right one.

I’m giving you examples of what many of us go through when we are in search of our perfect diamond. When we purchase a car, the number one buying factor is…. How it looks!

When you purchase a diamond, your number one basic buying factor should be based on your personal opinion of how it looks. All the grades and what your jeweler or what I tell you about a diamond are all personal opinions. When you make that purchase, it must be based on your personal opinion of the diamond. Set your priorities when purchasing.

You should notice the 4C: Cut, Clarity, Color and Carat. The cut of the diamonds is very important for it will affect its value. Only the standard cutting methods can show its shine fully and make it join perfectly. The cut diamonds are usually in the shape of globe and canonicalizes. But the hexagon is the most popular shape for its shine can be manifested completely. As we know, the diamond experienced geographic change for billions of years. It’s inevitable that there are some natural marks on or inside it. These marks are called flaws. The fewer the flaws are, the higher of the grade of the diamonds is. Color is also an important part. Because some color is rare. As an old saying goes “the rarest is the most valuable.” Carat is the measuring unit of the weight of diamonds. It’s self-evident that the carat is a part of diamonds’ value.

From this point on letting your jeweler show you different combinations to match your budget. This could mean a high color but low clarity in the exact size you were looking for. It could be a lower color, lower clarity but larger size, maybe higher color, higher clarity but a smaller diamond. There are many options. Be open to looking at these different options in your budget and then decide.

Finally, you should decide where you should buy your ideal diamond. We had better pick the diamond in a jewellery shop with a good reputation and a long history. But the problem is that there are many shops with these features. So it’s important for you to make a good choice.